iPhone hardware issues


I’ve had some iPhone hardware problems lately.

I’m now on my fourth set of iPhone earphones in less than a year. On the first pair, one of the earpieces fell apart. A driver crapped out on the second. Two weeks ago one of the earbuds shorted out on the third. Each time a trip to the Apple store has resulted in them replacing the phones with no problem (except for the second one, when the guy at the store tried to convince me that it was due to me listening at ridiculous volume, which was not the case).

Last week I pressed the power button on the top of the iPhone and it remained depressed instead of popping back out. After that I couldn’t reliably get the phone to power on. I took it in to the Apple Store on my way home and they replaced it with another phone right away.

I wonder what happens the next time I have a hardware issue when it’s likely my iPhone will no longer be under the one year warranty.

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