Napster offers mp3s


Does anybody other than me see this as incredibly ironic?

MP3 Downloads Now Available from Napster

Dear *****,

Napster now offers MP3s for purchase from the world's largest
MP3 catalog - over 6 million songs.

MP3 downloads are DRM-free and can be transferred to any MP3 player,
including iPod(R). They can be moved from computer to computer, and
burned to CD. MP3s also come with high-resolution album art that can
be viewed on most players, music phones, and music software.

Upgrade now and get 5 MP3 downloads FREE

Get Free MP3s$72Lw/home-0

To purchase MP3s, simply click the mp3 button next to the music you
want. Songs are just $0.99 and most albums are $9.95.

While MP3 downloads are great for music you want to buy, a Napster
subscription gives you access to literally millions of songs for one
low monthly fee. With a subscription, you can listen to all the
full-length music you want, anytime, anywhere, from any
Internet-connected computer.

We'd like you to give Napster subscription a try, so
here's a special offer: Sign up now and we'll give you 5
free MP3 downloads. Get the best of both worlds—listen to
everything you want, whenever you want, and download MP3s of the
music you really love and want to own.

Thanks for listening,
Your friends at Napster

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