Organizational changes


I don’t think it will surprise anybody when I say that as far as work goes here in UW Technology, it’s been a terrible summer.

Hopefully I’m not hallucinating, but I think that now I can begin to see a faint glimmer of light that I’m hoping might be coming from the end of the tunnel.

We’ve now found new homes for all of the folks who remained in UW Technology after the May layoffs, all within various parts of UW Technology Services

I am now reporting to Associate VP Scott Mah. While we’re still working out the details of job title and description, I’ll be generally continuing to work on issues of technology strategy, coordination, and communication with other parts of UW Technology and university units, as well as continuing to coordinate new technology evaluation and integration for the UW. I’ll also continue participating in representing the UW in regional and national technology forums (as much as time and budget allow).

Scott is someone I’ve known since coming to the UW, and as I’ve worked with him more over the last couple of years I’ve been impressed with his growth as a leader over that time. Scott is smart and works incredibly hard at developing his organization and moving the UW in the right directions. I’m pleased and excited about this opportunity to work closely with Scott.

RL “Bob” Morgan is joining the Identity and Access Management (IAM) group within Distributed Systems. Most of Bob’s UW work over the years has been very closely aligned with the IAM folks, so this comes as a natural evolution. Bob will report to Nathan Dors, and will also continue his work with Internet2 and other national groups working on issues of identity management and associated issues.

Fang Lin and Leman Chung, who are software developers who work on the My UW portal and associated apps, have joined the Applications Engineering team in Distributed Systems and are reporting to Janice Granberg. As part of the Apps Engineering team Fang and Leman are situated in a new home with engineering folks they’ve worked closely with over the years.

I’m also pleased that others from my former Emerging Technology team have found new homes within the UW. Bill Corrigan is working with Chuck Benson’s team in Health Sciences, Tony Chang is working as an Integration Architect in the Office of Information Management, and Melissa Albin is also working in OIM.

While I still miss the eTech team and the work we were doing, it feels good to be able to start moving forward towards whatever comes next. Stay tuned – film at 11:00!

4 thoughts on “Organizational changes”

  1. I’m glad to hear the eTech team has found their homes. I was disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to work with you on that team but… in hindsight it appears that was an opportunity that was best left to pass.

    Best hopes for that light in the tunnel…


  2. I’m glad things are starting to get a little better. Personally I am very frustrated trying to make technical recommendations to my users (inside UW) with so little information about the reorg. I just learned more from you than Scott Mah has shared with the UW tech support community since May. Luckily he’s having a town hall meeting soon, in his words “resuming our efforts to begin our dialog.” I sure hope we succeed in beginning.


  3. Thanks, Joshua – I know Scott has been frustrated also by feeling like he’s not free to really communicate – believe me, he’s as anxious as anybody (if not more) to move forward with talking to a wide variety of folks.

    If you’ve got issues that you’d like to hear addressed next week at the town hall (unfortunately I’ll be out of town on vacation) it would be good if you dropped Scott a note this week to let him know what’s on your mind. If you want to copy me that’s fine.


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