[CSG Fall 2008] Non-Enterprise Initiatives of SOA

Services that are reliable, specific, small, secure, stable, standards-based and reusable.

SOA slated at Stanford –

Remedy – Stanford uses it heavily in the central IT office for order fulfillment and billing, and tracking some labor hours. They want to expose it as a service to replace brittle current integrations. Will allow new functionality. They’re building a Remedy-Zimbra integration

Tom Barton is talking about SOA at Chicago.

No bigg app yet, but the want to be prepared. They thingk web services seems like a good approach to solving some problems. Their early experience is that even with a single simple service, there are lots of issues.

WS & ID management – Identifier translation – translate among ChicagoID, SSN, NEtID, hospital ID, alumID, studentID, etc. Also did an account management integration project with the hospital.

Net of early experience – concentrate on functionality, not underlying data stores. Loose coupling allows nice divisions of labor.

Data services – might provide good technology for providing data across the institution. A combination of reporting & WS capabilities.

Steps toward first SOA – look for cowpaths in institutional data – a relatively small set of objects that reflect the way we think about our businesses. Choose web services to reinforce a common data model across systems. Facing infrastructure choices, like servlet platform, esb, etc and development framework.

Designing Grouper’s WS Interfaces –

It takes 4 WS interface styles to please enough adopters – SOAP vs. REST, and heavy capabilities vs. lightweight ones.


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