2009 predictions from New Year’s Eve Party

I’m finally getting around to posting the 2009 predictions that were made at our New Year’s Eve party. Drum roll, please!

Tom – one car company will go under.
Ed – Keith Richards will die.
Jeannie – Economy will not recover.
Michele – Sara Palin will disappear to raise her grandson. Michael Jackson will die.
Oren – Seattle will have another snow event this winter.
Tom – BB King will die.
Michele – Katie will decide to go to grad school.
Chris – We’ll pay less for gas (on an overall average) than in 2008.
Manny – They’ll discover that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are one and the same person.

And finally – the prediction on how many games the Mariners will win:
Oren: 80
Tom: 74
Marcia: 76

We’ll have to check back next New Year’s Eve!


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