Dilbert’s Scott Adams on Calendaring

Long-time readers will know that I’ve been a long-time advocate for online calendar standards and interoperability, which has been interminably slow in arriving in any real way. At work we’ve recently endured a switch from Oracle Calendar to Exchange (neither of which I find very good). I’m constantly battling with the fact that my family’s calendars are all on Google Cal, and I can’t overlay my work calendar with my family calendars in any easy way on my Macs (but I have hope for Snow Leopard!).

Now Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, has penned a great short essay on how calendaring will come to be the central software app of the near future.

I think the biggest software revolution of the future is that the calendar will be the organizing filter for most of the information flowing into your life. You think you are bombarded with too much information every day, but in reality it is just the timing of the information that is wrong. Once the calendar becomes the organizing paradigm and filter, it won’t seem as if there is so much.

Go read it – thanks to Jon Udell for pointing this out!


2 thoughts on “Dilbert’s Scott Adams on Calendaring”

  1. I worked out the solution for calendar overlay and interoperability by late 2007, but Ron Johnson wasn’t interested.


  2. I have to agree….at various Ed institutions I’ve used the calendar as the wedge to break open any resistance to change. Give them a good calendar and they’re putty in your hands. I think Lenin said that….

    On another related topic: being able to bring old calendars with you over time is pretty cool for keeping your own history. From 1994 until 2000, I had an ever-growing calendar that was made up of events from Now UpToDate, Meeting Maker, and MS Exchange. And since then I could add Palm and iCal to that list, with only a 1-1/2 year break…


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