Gnomedex09 – Chris Brogan and Julien Smith on the Rise of the Trust Agents

Chris Brogan – @chrisbrogan- Book is Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust.

Julien Smith – @julien

Cheat sheet + trust agents

Make your own game – standing out

one of us – belonging

archimeded effect – leverage

agent zero – developing access

human artist – devloping understanding

build an army –

The attention wars – only 24 hours a day, can only pay attention to one thing at a time. The difference is everyone’s a publisher. You’re not only competing with others in your niche, but you’re competing with everything in the world.

How many people with ADD does it take to change a light bulb? Let’s go ride bikes!

Three levels of attention – gathering awareness, building reputation, gaining trust. Awareness is the bare minimum. Eventually you get to trust – when looking at feeds, who do you go out of the way to read? If you can get to that point you have carte blanche to get through to the person’s attention.

Can go from empathy to entropy really fast. Really true with causes.

trust = social capital (creates tight bonds between people as they do things together and create social capital.)

social capital + web = links –

social capital + webb = traffic, sociall proof, a big f’n network

Standing out in one way or another – important to differentiate yourself. Example of Cirque du Soleil creating a different circus experience.

Make your own phrase – time ferriss (lifestyle design), malcolm gladwell (tipping point), chris anderson (long tail)

Start by playing the game, then hack the game, then program the game.

Find your value differentiation, create a new word for yourself, learn the systems (when is it good to be attuned to the system).

Insiders vs. outsiders – being “one of us” is one of the most important things you can do on the web.

Greg and Blue Sky Factory – came to all the pod camps, and hung out, and when people needed services like his, they came to him because he was part of the group. “Be there before the sale.” If you can be at the beginning of a group, by default you become part of the group by default.

One of us – master the language of the people you’re with – talk to people like they’re people. Don’t talk about world class solutions… blah, blah, blah.

Bring your victories to the next game. Leverage what you’ve got.

Build great networks of powerful and interesting people. Be at the elbow of every interaction. You enhance everybody else’s network as a result.

Social media is a gateway for people who don’t have the bet of social skills to try.

Human artist – always have relationships and do things for people

connect people constantly, share instead of horde, practice simple touchpoints of loyalty, self aware vs. self involved.

Handles – give people something they can hold onto and call their own. You’re very small and the Internet is very large – need to build large groups to be successful.


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