#Gnomedex 09 Day 2 Mark Horvath on A Conversation about Social Change through Social Media




Mark’s been unemployed for 19 months and lost his home to foreclosure – so if he an be active, so can you.

He’s travelling the country giving a face and voice to homelessness.

He was a television syndication editor and then ended up living on Hollywood Boulevard homeless.

The average homeless person in America is 9 years old (though it’s pointed out in the twitter that the NY Times tried to track down that statistic and found it wanting: http://tr.im/wUrF ). 3.5 million people. 1.4 million children.

Mark introduces James, a homeless Seattle person living in Nickelsville

What can you do? Lobby your legislature. Give socks, bus tokens, underwear.

Homelessness is going to get worse, given the economy.

It’s a huge challenge to go from the street back to housing. We need to work on that.

There’s a cause in your heart – we need to start taking care of each other. The tech and social media communities have a loud voice and lot of influence.


One thought on “#Gnomedex 09 Day 2 Mark Horvath on A Conversation about Social Change through Social Media”

  1. interesting that ONE tweet showed up challenging the 9yo stat.

    1) the post the tweet referenced is a year old. last month there were 460,000 layoffs. that’s better then the 550,000 the year before. point is that post was written before the continuing homeless family crisis really started here is a newer post http://homelessness.change.org/blog/view/shelters_see_flood_of_homeless_families “The latest numbers from the Department of Housing and Urban Development show that the number of homeless families rose 9 percent last year. In rural and suburban areas, homeless families increased by a whopping 56 percent.”

    2) the post referenced is debating the math between 13yo and 17yo. ok, pick he average age at 11, or 15 – they are still children. the average homeless person is a child – better? STILL SUCKS!

    watch this short video

    the rest in the series can be found on my about page. including the one on children



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