#Gnomedex 09 Day 2: Micah Baldwin on Building Influence Online

Expertise – knowledge is gained, expertise is given

Influence – Reach (Brand*Expertise*Trust) – reach is a multiplier of influence

How many people listen? They listen because they trust you.

How to build online influence? Three rules of blogging:

1. Write like no one is reading.

2. Write when you want to write.

3. The moment you think “that would be a good blog post,” you become a blogger.

Become involved – there’s evidence that political candidates that get involved online garner more support (source?). Comment on a post, get on Twitter, etc. You’re building a community. The greater involvement you have in a community, the more people will tell you when you’re not being authentic. The best thing about a community is feedback.

Content discovery and filtering – be a human filter. If you bring people interesting info, they’ll trust you.

Aggregate knowledge.


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