#Gnomedex 09 Day 2 :Show and tell and observations of the crowd

During the first afternoon slot the floor was opened up for brief show and tells from the crowd, for anyone who wanted to share sites or apps they love, or pose a problem or question.

I collected a bunch (not all, sorry!) of links to sites and apps that were mentioned at: http://delicious.com/orensr/#gnomedex Some very cool sites and iPhone apps!

Observing the crowd’s laptop screens from the back of the room, almost everybody has almost their whole screen taken up with Twitter clients, primarily Tweetdeck. Not much email, no Facebook. And for their contacts people are giving their Twitter ids, not email addresses, whether in presentations or casual interactions.

In response to a question about who has an iPhone at least 80% of the audience raises their hand.

This crowd looks to me to be about 2/3 Mac to 1/3 PC.


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