How did we do on our 2009 predictions?

Here’s the score from the predictions made at our 2008 New Year’s Eve Party for the year to come – I’m scoring on a 0-10 scale:

Tom – one car company will go under. – Score: 0, but only because of federal intervention.
Ed – Keith Richards will die. Score: 0 – Keith Richards will outlive us all.
Jeannie – Economy will not recover. Score: 5 – Depends on who you ask (or whether you’re currently working).
Michele – Sara Palin will disappear to raise her grandson. Score: 5 – she disappeared from the Governor’s office, only to return in our nightmares as a trashy book author and darling of the lunatic fringe.
Michele – Michael Jackson will die. Score: 10. Wow. Prescience in our midst.
Oren – Seattle will have another snow event this winter. Score: 0. What a stupid prediction.
Tom – BB King will die. Score: 0. BB King will live almost as long as Keith Richards.
Michele – Katie will decide to go to grad school. Score: 0, as far as I know.
Chris – We’ll pay less for gas (on an overall average) than in 2008. Score: 10, check it out here.
Manny – They’ll discover that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are one and the same person. Score: well, come on now.

And finally – the prediction on how many games the Mariners will win:
Oren: 80
Tom: 74
Marcia: 76

Score: The M’s did better than any of us dared to predict, finishing the year at 85 wins and 77 losses. Just wait till this year!

Check back in a few days for our 2010 predictions!


3 thoughts on “How did we do on our 2009 predictions?”

    1. We’ve been celebrating New Year’s Eve with mostly the same cast of friends for over 15 years – much food and wine is consumed. A couple of years ago we started writing down predictions on little slips of paper and then reading them after midnight over dessert. A great tradition!


  1. Actually, Katie did TAKE the GRE’s and plans to go to Grad School sometime in the future, so Michele’s talent for soothsaying still holds and she should get a point or two or at least honorable mention!


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