CNI Fall Meeting 2010 – Cyberinfrastructure Framework

Cyberinfrastructure Frameork
Alan Blatecky – acting director, NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure

5 crises
Computing tech
Data, provenance, and viz
Organization for multidisciplinary science

Science and scholarship are team sports
Collaboration/partnerships will change
– building dynamic coalitions in real time
Ownership if data plusnlow cost fuels growth and number of data systems
– federation ant interop become mire important

Innovation and discovery will be driven by analysis
Mobility and personal control will drive innovation and research communities. –
– eg using accelerometers foe earthquake detection
Gaming, virtual worlds, social networksm will transform the way we do science, research and education

All the layers have to work together for the system to function. Cyberinf. Ecosystem.

The goal of virtual proximity – you are one with your resources. Collapse the barrier of distance. All resources are virtually present, accessible, and secure.


Data enabled science
Community research networks
New computational infrastructure
Access and connection to facilities

Impacts on NSF
CI as enabling infrastructure for S&E
New role for data
Multi-disciplinary approaches essential
Education – embedded and integral
More coordinated post-award management


Transient & data-intensive astronomy
– seeing events as they occur
– complex interconnected earth systems

Four data challenges
Data sharing

Sea of data
– data enabled sciences
— immediate and long term support of data
— focus on data life cycle issues
— development of data tools – mining, visualization, algorithms
— broad computation science education program
– advanced computational infrastructure
— software elements -> integration -> institutes
— sustained long-term investment in software
– data services – integration, preservation, access, analysis
— community access networks – building virtual communities
— collab tools, secure systems to link peplum etc
– access and connectivity
— connections ton facilities and instruments
— ooi, sensor networks, telescopes (desktop connectivity hasn’t improved)
— cybersecurity
— networking, end-to-end

– data sciences


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