Jacking into the chemical network

Today Tuesday I had one these implanted in my chest

PowerPort Duo Implantable Port

It’s under the skin, and accessed by poking a needle directly into either of the two ports. That allows them to deliver chemo right into my body without having to stick me with IVs all the time.

I’m reminded of William Gibson’s jacking into cyberspace from Neuromancer, except instead of connecting directly to a digital network I’m connected to a chemical one. Who woulda thunk?

Three radiation treatments into the week and it seems to be going ok. No noticeable side effects so far, but they say that usually starts a few weeks in. We’ll see how it goes.


4 thoughts on “Jacking into the chemical network”

  1. I’m so impressed with the amount of integrity and positive energy you possess as you walk this new, unpaved path. We are here with you, hand in hand. It seems to be that these roads that we never intended to travel down, are the ones that lead us to the most amount of pain/enlightenment/blissfulness all at the same moment. Savor the parts that you need, embrace the rest as you see fit. Life is beautiful.


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