Back to the hospital

It sure was nice to get home on Friday, but over the weekend I felt progressively worse. By Sunday afternoon I had developed a fever of 100.2 and started puking (for the first time since starting cancer treatment, I’ll have you know). We called in to the docs and they told me to come on down to the ER.

After some blood work and X-rays, the best guess is that I’ve caught some common virus unrelated to the cancer treatment. So they kept me in last night and tonight while they pump me full of fluids and a variety of antibiotics. The fever and nausea appear to be gone, bit my gut still isn’t back to par. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to go back home again so I at least get a few days before I have to check back in again on Sunday.

I’m waiting for them to bring on the DNA nanobots!.

In the meantime, my dad arrived from Seattle tonight. It’ll be great to spend a few days with him this week!


5 thoughts on “Back to the hospital”

  1. Doesn’t seem fair that you can catch a virus with everything else going on! Hope you are doing better now and enjoying your father’s visit this week.

    Thinking of you early and often,
    Very Best,



  2. During the decades I have had the privilege to know you I have most appreciated your penetrating tenacity of both intellect and spirit. May you find moments, roses among the thorns, to find within you both the tenderness and the fierceness to best open in your own way to health and healing. Let not time or distance challenge certain truth things: you are known, you are appreciated, you are loved. Carry on, friend.


  3. Yes, sometimes it seems as though the cure is worse than the disease. But hey, on this beautiful day in Seattle I rode my bike on the BGT for the first time in several months. Just a few miles, but it felt, to coin a phrase, fucking fantastic (except for the uphill parts). I know you have many good miles ahead of you.


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