ESon12 – a novel dissemination and collaboration platform for executing published computational results.
Victoria Stodden, Christophe Hurlin and Christophe Perignon

Conjecture – today’s academic scientist probably has more in common with a corporation’s IT manager than it does with a philosophy or English professor at the same institution.

Looked at pervasiveness of computational models in papers in statistics since 1996. In 2011 21% had code publicly available.

Reproducibility of comoutational results is an issue of broad concern. Most computational work today does not cognize the ubiquity of error. Computational science does not yet generate routinely reproducible, reliable and error-free results. makes data and code publicly available along with cloud infrastructure to run them. Ame from French social science and economics researchers. Authors create websites that contain the data and code. Users can input variations of the data to test the code. Been around for a year.have over 100 companion sites, 90% in Econ and finance, 10% in applied math and stats. Support R, Matlab, SAS, building support for Python.


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