CSG Winter 2014 – Digital Campus: Building a Culture of Innovation at Georgetown

Lisa Davis, Georgetown: Building a Culture of Innovation 

Why Innovate?

Used Ideascale platform to gather ideas from students – ideas get discussed at senior administrative staff meetings. 

Held 1st Innovation Summit in April 2012. Bring students, staff, faculty, and alumni together to discuss ideas about technology from a campus perspective. 

Engaging Practice: Hackathon in fall of 2012. Presented ideas to Provost, CIO, COO, and a startup CEO. Grew into a group on campus called h.innovation to continue to drive the innovation concepts across campus. Came up with a framework for how to keep the cadence and energy going. Gather ideas, then hold FutureOf sessions, then to the Innovation summit, then it goes to problem definition and then to the hackathon. 

Storytelling Summit – Brought in people from corporations to talk about how they do storytelling in their companies. 

Georgetown Mobile – leveraged Kurogo platform to create an app. Just deployed a laundry alert app that notifies when clothes are done washing or drying. Also deployed EmergenSee app. Did a gamification app for new student orientation. 

Innovation Culture – students, faculty, staff working together then bringing in external partners.

Engaging Faculty – Started an initiative on technology enhanced learning, led from Provost’s office. Faculty submitted proposals for MOOC development. There were over 100 proposals submitted, and the Provost paid a lot of attention to making sure that the faculty was driving the discussion. 

All these efforts have helped change the perception on campus of what the IT organization can provide. 



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