CSG Winter 2014 – Digital Campus: IT, Media Management, Innovation, pt. 2: Strategy

Georgetown looking at using Salesforce to integrate student data to have analytics across the entire student experience.

David Ackerman – CIO and CDO – Working Together on Strategy at NYU

– an evolution and expansion of .edu Services AVP role. 10 years ago integrated 20% time as Digital Library Tech Services. Created an exec director of Digital Communications reporting jointly to IT and Communications. 

What is the CDO responsible for? – Overall digital strategy for university; Cloud Services; Architecture; Research computing infrastructure; Mobile web; Digital Communications (with VP URPA); Digital Library Technology Services. A position that cuts across IT and NYU has “row-ness”.

The CIO role in higher ed took a long time to evolve. At NYU it was 9 months between the proposal for a CDO and the appointment.

Three bosses: CITO; Dean of Libraries; Chief Global Technology Officer. IT Exec Team works together: CITO, CGTO, 8 AVPs in IT.

Two digital strategy decisions: .nyu gTLD – centerpiece of new global digital brand; All digital dental clinic.  


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