CSG Winter 2014 – Digital Campus: IT, Media Management, Innovation, pt 3, continued

UCSF – IT Innovation Contest

– Have an IT deliverable

– All UCSF Campus faculty, staff and students are eligible. If the proposed work will be done during work hours, staff must get pre-approval from the supervisor. Departments are encouraged to grant requests.

– The open the proposals to community comments, which is heavily used for popular proposals. 

– Great Ideas, some hard to implement, mostly centered around efficiency gains, collaboration between faculty, staff, and some students.

Lessons Learned – Need to secure funding for projects to expand and become operational, need to have a business owner for projects once awarded, projects lost momentum after award, hard to allot time to develop ideas, hard to solicit technical expertise outside of one’s area without a facilitator. 


Scotty Logan, Stanford – HexLab

Lots of desire for innovation at Stanford, and willing clients who want to try things out. They have 160 STLP/ITLP grads. STVP (videos about innovation) and the d.school. Including. Build a guiding coalition (Kotter) + a network of connected people. What to work on? underutilized services? poorly rated services? survey comments? other ideas? Inspiration: Rite Solutions, Ideas Marketplace, “Mutual Fun”. Run for 3 quarters, celebrate failure, goal is to learn. Use d.school process – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. Going to commit 10% of time for 10 weeks, so forty hours per person. Participants will have four-hour coupons to use their time in four hour chunks. 



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