CSG WInter 2014 Meeting – Enterprise Architecture & Review Boards, pt. 2

Governance Survey Results

Survey covered CSG and ITANA members.

Roughly 2/3 – 3/4 have some formal IT governance.

Prioritization of Investments – Academic (non-central) IT has less influence, while business owners have the most.

Central IT’s budgets are largely controlled by governance, as is administrative IT.

A large part of the demand comes from Central IT. 

Most of the focus of governance is on Strategic issues. 

More institutions have advisory governance than decision-making, but that’s more even in the CSG schools.

72% of CSG schools have architecture review, but only 53% have a formal board, with most of the boards being advisory in scope. The scope is mostly central and administrative IT. Most of the boards are made up of central and administrative IT. About half of the CSG schools have an Enterprise Architecture Practice. Most schools feel that their Architecture practices are quite immature. 

Architecture practices mostly report to the CIO and is funded by Central IT.

The #1 purpose of EA is to Align Business and IT Strategy and Vision. TOGAF and Gartner are the architectural standards being used. 

Notre Dame

Architecture Review Board meets twice a week. 

UC – Mojgan Amini 

Doing architecture for the UC system. 

There’s an IT Leadership Committee made up of CIOs and IT leaders. Set goals, strategies, and priorities at the system level. 

IT Architecture group – standing committee made up of IT Directors and architects. The Enterprise Architecture Artifact Framework was established to help deal with the system-wide complexity of UC common systems.

UC Office of the President CIO created a dedicated EA team. 

Approach: Define key roles; Define key components (create an EA body of knowledge and create reusable EA assets); EA Artifact Lifecycle (create a structure for EA artifact submission, review, and approval).

Enterprise Artifacts (similar to TOGAF or other frameworks) – include policies, principles, standards, etc. They’ve picked six artifacts to work on initially, centered on the work around getting a new HR system for the UCs. 



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