Internet2 Global Summit – Globus Online

Steve Tuecke, University of Chicago

Big data transfer and sharing … directly from your own storage systems. 

How do you take your own storage systems to the Globus service which can orchestrate.

Use cases:

  • “i need a good place to store or backup my big research data at a reasonable price” Campuses are struggling with this – installing storage systems, putting Globus UI on top and put it in the Science DMZ.
  • “I need to quickly move or mirror portions of my data to other places, including my campus HPC system, lab server, deskop, laptop, XSEDE, cloud”.
  • ” I want to publush my data so that it’s available and discoverable long-term”
  • “I want to archive my data in case it’s needed sometime in the future”.
  • ” I need a way to easily and securely share my data with my colleagues at other institutions.”
  • Globus is SaaS

– Web, command line and REST interfaces. Globus never sees the data – data flows directly between the systems, with Globus orchestrating.

Globus connected resources on campus: Research computing center; department / lab storage; campus-wide home/project file system; mass storage systems; science instruments; desktops and laptops; custom web apps; Amazon S3

To a first order of magnitude all non-classified national labs and facilities are connected to Globus.

Globus is a non-profit servicce provider to the non-profit research community. 

Globus provider subscriptions:

  • Managed endpoints: Priority support, Management console, usage reports, mass storage system optimization, host shared endpoints, integration support.
  • Plus subscriptions: create and manage shared endpoints, personal transfers.
  • Branded Web Site skinning
  • Alternate identity provider (InCommon is standard)



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