Internet2 Global Summit – I2 Network Update

Rob Vietzke, VP I2 Network Services

Abundant Bandwidth: 100G+ nationwide backbone;

Programmable Native OpenFlow w/virtual slices

Support for data-intensive science

Interconnected with public Internet

Full 18 months of solid experience

45 petabytes per month on the network, expecting to hit 50 pb/month this month.

fUpgraded first couple of links from 100 Gb to 200 Gb. 

New NEtwork Initiatives: NEREN/NOX for ME, VT, NH; Arizona Sun Corridor; CAAREN (DC area); NIH

19 connections upgraded to 100G this year, 18 new AL2S nodes

Innovation Platform Success Stories – 31 campuses, 10 regionals, 76 NSF CC-NIE awardees, I2 has done five “Operating Innovative Network” workshops

Big Data, Cloud, SDN, and HPC collaborations

Network analytics – I2 Deepfield Network Analytics allows designated member admins to analyze I2 use; Enhanced perfSONAR deployment assures network & cloud resources performance

TransitRail Peering Service – Strategic relationship with key content and network peers enables innovation. 

Global Partnerships – Global Content Delivery Pilot out of Singapore, With Duke, Chicago, Florida International and NYU.

Global Partnerships – Arabian Global Educational Open Exchange (AGE-OX) to open in Fujairah, UAE, led by national network Anakbut in Fujairah. 10G connectivity to I2 in Singapore and future links to I2 in Europe/Americs.


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