Internet2 Global Summit – Net+ General Update

Jerry Grochow, Internet2

Key point – Community started program, and it grows as the community has capacity to make it grow.

Campsu Members: identify challenges they need solved and propos offerings (InquireY) Initiat and support research; evaluate solutions and offerings; sponsor service validation; support broad adoption

Range of portfolio: Trust & Identity; Infrastructure; SaaS; Voice & Video; Digital Content

Introducing QuickStart program with goal of 45-60 day pipeline.

QuickStart Requirements: Identified sponsoring CIO; membership in I2 and InCommon; Shib/SAML (within 6 months); Connection to the R&E network (within 6 months); Completion of Net+ Cloud Control Matrix; Commitment to enterprise-wide offerings and best pricing’ Commitment to establish service advisory group within first 6 months and formal Service Validation; Acceptance of I2 Net+ template business adn customer agreement terms and the community BAA (for HIPAA) – with minimal negotiation; Offerings limited to 2 year renewable term and customer agreements between provider and consuming institution.

The goal is to have the service providers accept the Net+ agreements with as little modification as possible. Like to have service validations fit within 3-4 months. Some go longer, there are some that might go quicker. I2 is shifting things a bit to try and get as much work done before involving the universities, asking the providers to prepare the matrixes before hand. 

Formalizing regional and global partner programs. 

Net+ Governance:

  • Program Advisory Group – CIOs, regional network leaders, providing overall direction to the program.
  • Service Avisory Groups (per service) – service provider and university working councils, product and service review.
  • [NEW] Procurement Advisory Board – University chief procurement officers, linking NET+ to the procurement community’s needs. Internet2 joining National Association of Procurement Officers.



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