CSG Spring 2014 – Organizational and staff development, cont.

Bill Clebsch – Stanford – Focus on talent

Recruit, review, reward, renew

The only people on your campus who understand recruiting are athletics.

You don’t get good people by putting out job postings. You get talent from networks. Listen to headhunters.

Development – we can develop people. ITLP is important for creating a language and lexicon for how we do things. Developed STLP for individual contributors at Stanford. Includes central and distributed IT. 

Steve Fleagle – Iowa

IT staff don’t get formal training in soft skills, change management, project management. Participated in ITLP program and saw very good results. Can only send 5-6- people per year. Brought Mor on campus and put lots of people through it and that has been very successful. Has led to IT people being asked to lead in non-IT situations. 

Emily Deere – UCSD

Less permanent funding and more temporary funding. Leads to more contractor hiring and less permanent staff. Not accepting any more temporary money for contracts. Now campus is supporting more permanent funding for IT. Pushing contractors to not have buyouts so they can bring the contractors they want in on a permanent basis. At Stanford desktop support has been growing 20% per year, but only hire people as contractors to start. Cut rate is about 50% before hiring permanently. 

Marin Stanek, Colorado, Boulder

Brought in a faculty member who is a proponent of Hoshin Planning (Single point of compass). Started OIT empowerment survey in summer of 2012. Asses 5 elements – do I have the authority, accountability, responsibility, knowledge, tools, to do my job. Students take it too. Confidential but not anonymous. Goal is 100% response rate and full empowerment. Had to set up a separate Qualtrics instance outside of campus and hotline outside of IT to overcome staff distrust. 

Each manager only gets access to the reports from their employees. 


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