CSG Spring 2015 – Security 3.0: Card Access Security using Grouper

Charlie Kniefel – Duke

Legacy environment: Prior to 12/14 was using Blackboard Uptim to manage door access; independently managed buildings; no consistent rules for building access on campus; Would have to ask each building owner for access; deactivation of cards not as quick as desired.

Implementation of Blackboard Transact: Started in early 2014 with planning starting in 2013. Covers both financial systems and access control; access control services are separated from financial transactions as part of implementation; lots of cleanup/preparation prior to transition.

Management of access plans: seems to be a lot like groups; based on who you are, your role, what classes you take.

Community plans: groups created for faculty, staff, students; needed to agree on standard business hours.

Individual building plans: access for students can be based on major or classes; challenges – financial system based on who pays you, not where you work; local coordinators trained to use tools to manage membership; goal is to get to role-based access.

Future steps: Wrapping grouper seems to be a common trend: toolkits for instruction; research toolkits for research group services management; access control membership; share? Additional technology enablement: contactless but with legs? Apple’s plans?; Roles, roles, roles.

Built access for students to get the data about their card activity.

Lack of good space management data hinders usefulness of roles.


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