Internet2 2015 Tech Ex – The Age of Consent

Ken Klingenstein is talking about the work going on to enable informed consent in releasing identity attributes to services. I walked in a little late, so I’m missing a bunch of the detail at the beginning, but he invokes Kim Cameron’s 7 Laws of Identity.

Consent done properly is something that users will only want to do once for a relying party, and be informed out of band when attributes are released. There is interesting research about whether users take on consent differs between offline and online.

Some federations already support consent.

Rob Carter – Duke

Why do we need an architecture for consent? Use cases at Duke:

  • Student data – would like to release attributes about students that may be FERPA protected. If a student can “consent” to an attribute release, FERPA may not even be involved (according to Duke’s previous registrar). Consent has to be informed (what’s sufficient “informedness”?); has  to be revokable (means you need to store it so the person can review and change); Non-repudiation and audibility (We know that the person gave the consent and when it was given).
  • Student devs – Trying to get students working on development. When a student wants to have another student share information with friends in an app, questions come up about release of information. Would like to have same kind of consent framework in OAuth as they have in other environments (e.g. Shibboleth).
  • Would be nice to have a single place for a user to manage their consents.

Nathan Dors – Washington

UW entering age of consent. Asks the audience where they are with consent frameworks – almost all are just entering the discussion. UW wants to go from uninformed consent (or not doing things because of the barrier of getting consent). Consent is highly ubiquitous already in the consumer world – Google, Facebook, etc. Help desk need to understand how to explain things to users. ID Management needs to be able to help developers understand what they need to do to get consents. Need to figure out how to layer in consent into a bunch of idPs including Azure AD which has its own consent framework. Need to apply existing privacy policies and data governance to consent context.


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