Personalized news 

At the recent CNI meeting Cliff Lynch reflected on the difficulty in determining what is the “official record” when the news is personalized to the viewer’s individual context.

I was thinking about that as I read this story in the NY Times reporting on a comprehensive study on the costs of health care procedures in different US markets.

Reading through the article as I’m sitting out on the deck in our rented vacation condo in Florida I was struck by this in the midst of the article:

Consider Fort Myers, Fla., our best guess for where you might be reading this article. Spending on Medicare patients is very high in this area. But, when it comes to private health insurance, spending is relatively low.

This was followed by some graphs comparing the health care costs in Fort Myers compared with other places in this US.

It’s interesting that this is in the midst of an article, not in some special “interactive” feature. Welcome to the new normal!


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