CSG Fall 2016 – Next-gen web-based interactive computing environments part 2

NYU Sample Cases – Stratos Efstathiadis

Web-based interactive tools supported by NUI Data Services

Most popular tools include Quantitative, Geospatial, Qaulitative, Visualization. Courses, boot campus, etc.

Some tools are web-based (R Studio, ArcGIS  Online, CART, Qualtrics, Tableau, plotly)

Services provided for tools: Training, Consultations; Pedagogy; Data; Accounts

Geospatial example: ArcGIS online used by courses in radicalization & religion and ethnic conflict, art & politics in the street. Initial consultation and needs assessment, account creation, training, data gathering, in depth consultations, initial web publishing, training round 2, technical support, lessons learned.

Certificate class in Big Data. Structured around a textbook developed from a set of similar classes. Three options: For credit; certificate class meeting four times a semester for three days each; tailored for an agency. Includes non-NYU students, students will be able to access and analyze protected /confidential data. WOrk in teams sharing code and data in project spaces; provide substantial analytic and visualization capabilities where everyone in the class can work simultaneously. User experience is important.

Deployed two PoC environments: on-premise (short-term) and on AWS (long-term).

Built NYU Secure Research Data Environment – serve broad communities of NYU scholars and their collaborators including government agencies and privat sector; support a wide spectrum of data; provide access to powerful resources; enable collaboration; offer training; offer data curation and publications.

Part of Digital Repository Service: Band 1 (fast temporary storage); Band 2 (storage for ongoing activities); Band 3 (feature rich publication environment); Band 4 (secure data environment).

ARC Connect
Mark Montagues – Michigan

Enable easier access to HPC resources – researchers who had never used the command line. Texas shared code they wrote for the XSEDE portal. Added federated authentication with shib and mandatory multifactor. ITAR today, HIPAA on roadmap. Mandatory encryption for VNC sessions (no SSH tunnels needed). Web-enabled VNC viewer brings up a desktop. Encryption is enforced and mandatory. gsissh (part of the globus toolkit) enables authn between arcconnect web server and cluster node. Environment has RStudio and Jupyter. Researchers can install web apps in their home directory on the PC cluster.

To take advantage of the infrastructure, web apps need to be able to run nicely behind a reverse proxy. Hoping to automate the environment more in the future.

Charlie suggests that Galaxy is a piece of software that is worth looking at.


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