Cloud Forum 2016 – survey results and Grit!

We’re at Cornell for the 2nd Cloud Forum! We started out last night with a lovely reception and then Bill Allison, Bob Flynn and I had a great dinner at the Moosewood Restaurant.

This morning kicks off with some summaries from Gerard Shockley of the registration survey. There are 92 registrants (which was capped) from 52 institutions and 4 technology providers (AWS, Microsoft, Google, ) and attendees in 83 roles, from CIO to architects to faculty.

  • 75% reported that cloud strategy is a work in progress.
  • 52% using AWS, 17% Azure, 19% Google, Oracle 2.7%, 205 using some form of “community cloud”
  • 71% report no validated cloud exit strategy
  • 30% say they’re “cloud first”, 52% using “opportunistic cloud”
  • 79% report on-premise facilities that are > 5 years old.
  • Most realize that reducing cost is not the main reason to move to the cloud. Improving service, added flexibility and agility, and improving support for research rank high.
  • Staff readiness is the highest ranked obstacle to broad cloud adoption.
  • 34% have signed a Net+ agreement for either IaaS or Paas.
  • 70% have central IT involved in cloud support for Research Computing
  • 28% say their institution plans on performing clinical research in the cloud
  • 56% say they have signed a HIPAA BAA with a cloud service provider

Next, a session from Sharif Nijim from Notre Dame titled “Grit!”

There’s a shift in how we do things – e.g. from capacity planning to cloud financial engineering. Picking a partner to provide infrastructure services is a whole new level of trust. Hiring staff who can deal with the rate of change in the cloud is critical and hard. We’re all running software that is cloud unfriendly – how many of us are helping the vendors evolve? We’re all prototyping and learning and putting things in production and continuing to learn – sometimes the hard way.


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