Cloud Billing Challnges

Bob Flynn, Indiana University

Microsoft Azure – the challenges. Plsses – Account management; Identity management; Networking; Security management; Incident Response.

Minus – Billing. Hvae to make a pre-commit for your enrollment ($100/month) Everything that happens at your campus later is on the same bill. Enrollment owner pays that. First user that burns the $1200 gets it for free (unless they figure out a way to rebill). Ongoing usage – Does central IT (or Procurement) have to do rebilling? How does the account holder track their usage? Azure marketplace purchases sent to enrollment admin, not the one using them. There are issues with research and education credits. The solution? Started with Resource Groups and tags. Limited to 15 tages per resource group, and not all Azure tools are resource group ready. Notifications come to subscription owner. Started looking at allowing users to have their own subscription. VNet Peering allows you to centrally manage the campus network connection. PO number added to subscription name. Bell Techlogix pulling PO # via API – they’re building a portal for account owners and set alerts at PO thresholds.

Nicole Rawleigh, Cornell University

Have 65 accounts under AWS billing. In August 2015 they manually billed four financial accounts. Sept 2016 billed 45 accounts for 65 AWS accounts. Separating internal CIT costs from external units. Switched to doing multiple financial system edocs created manually. One consolidated bill, but also can have multiple other bills/credits. Credits are applied manually to accounts. Going to automation! API between AWS and Kuali Financial. Batch job runs once a month. Outstanding Challenges: Invoice attachment (they use CloudCheckr so users can see invoice charges), making sure that resources are correctly tagged; one financial edoc per financial system account, not per AWS account; Batch error report is hard to deal with; automates consolidated bill only.

Erik Lundberg, University of Washington

Using DLT / Net+ for AWS. DLT provides a great biling front-end. Individual AWS accounts are associated with separate POs and they get invoiced and paid directly. People can create a blank PO on their university budget. Invoicing is all electronic and automatic (through Ariba). Next steps – get AWS Educate and research grants covered under the DLT contract.



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