CSG Spring 2014 – Identity Landscape Workshop – Survey Results

Goals: Identify higher level trends; data for campus practitioners; Marketing/Education.

26 schools responded. Average 1.3 million entries in person registry, but goes up to 16 million max. Average of over 4 systems of record for people, one school has 15. 

Everybody has Web SSO, everybody runs central directory services, but very little deployment of course information there (at least with eduCourse schema). Only 50% have self-service group deployment. Lots of people looking towards messaging queues and ESB, but not widespread yet. 

Provisioning is all over map – most do standard services (email, etc), and Active Directory, but less of other like provisioning of courses into LMS, ERP training tracking, etc.

Everybody is a member of InCommon, but release of attributes is not consistent. 

Lots of people think they will be using social identities in the future. 

Most schools have MFA for sysadmins, but not yet for all employees to access sensitive information.