Where 2.0 Online – Jeffrey Powers on iPhone vision

Jeffrey Powers, Occipital – Computer Vision and the iPhone Camera

All about getting the iPhone to do the things Iron Man’s helmet can do. REcognize faces and structures, show objects in augmented reality fashion, using the camera. They created RedLaser, a vision-based barcode scanner.

Getting started. First need to interface with the camera. UIImagePickerController – the interface with the camera. Need to check for camera, because iPod Touch doesn’t have one.

Snapture – pinch to zoom in live image capture. Uses CameraViewTransform to do the transform.

RedLaser – can handle blurry barcodes. That matters because the camera doesn’t have autofocus until 3gs. Custom overlay – puts UI on top of the live camera image. Rapid screenshot captrue – currently requires an unpublished function. Image processing – ignores gray scale. Cleans up images. How do you access raw pixels in code? Use DataProvider to read the pixels.

Future of iPhone computer vision – still can’t access video frames. Can’t show objects on top of screen shots for vision-based augmented reality. Mobile computer vision will eventually become a part of most apps we already use today.