[etech06] Seth Goldstein – Root Networks


Root is an “attention exchange”

Web 2.0 = Attention 1.0 (huh?)

Is attention about money, or is it about time? He’s from NY, so he focuses on the money part of attention.

Information attracts attention. Receiving attention makes you influential.

Attention macroeconomics – why attention now? Because web services have enabled the recording andsharing of attention choices in real time (a la last.fm).

Root is an open exchange for the attention economy (huh?). The back channel expresses confusion about what this talk is about.

He’s now talking about something called promise to pay attention, which leads to attention bonds. They think those attention bonds can be pooled and traded.

By sharing your online activities (who are you emailing, what are you reading online, etc) these impressions become worth money.

They’ve founded something called the Attention Trust, a non-profit to work on these ideas.

They have something called a Root Vault – you can send your clickstream to your Root Vault, and then actually see what you’ve been paying attention to.

This one left me sort of confused – but it seems like there’s something worth thinking about here maybe.

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