[etech06] Bill Scott (Yahoo) – The Language of Attention: A Pattern Approach


Interactive language of attention.

Kathy Sierra talked about the power of the tribe – when you have a tribe you have attention. Putting the code libraries and APIs and patterns out is leveraging the power of the tribe, creating a tribal platform.

Opening the APIs internally has had a great impact in Yahoo – having hack days and mashup days internally to motivate and excite people. chaddickerson.com – mobile phone app to show location of your flickr group on the etech conference floor.

Two recent examples:

Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
Yahoo! User Interface Library

Design Tribe – pattern library. a new model – the page goes away and you have rich interaction without page refresh. But it leaves lots of things in a quandry. Engaging the user: Wow! gets their attention, but unless it’s relevant (Delight!) it’s not going to be used, much less inspire loyalty (Love!).

Vocabulary – interactive patterns of attention.

Immediacy – the Live Suggest pattern and the AUto Complete pattern.
Directness – Drag and Drop pattern. Inline Editing pattern.
Invitational – (being polite and inviting) hover invitation, tooltip invitation
Without boundaries – Endless scroliing, in context expand, hover details
Light Footpring – remembered collection, rating an object
Cinematic – fade transition, self-healing transition, sliding, fading
Rich Content – shareable object

They’d like to get a more common vocabulary around these design patterns – so they’re starting to put them out to the public. Surfacing a vocabulary.

Exposing solutions – on the devloper side they’ve released the UI code library.

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