SOA Workshop with the Burton Group’s Pete Lacey


A group of 30 of us from the UW are spending a couple of days at a workshop on Service Oriented Architecture presented by Pete Lacey from the Burton Group.

It’s a high level overview of a lot of detailed technical concepts, but it’s very useful, and should provide a common starting point for a group of us who are likely to be discussing implementation of services orientation in the technical framework of the UW.

Interestingly enough, while the material in the Burton presentation is almost entirely oriented towards the use of SOAP to implement web services, Pete was surprised to find that we’re also interested in ReST style interfaces. He says we’re the first group he’s given this workshop to that’s even knowledgeable about the SOAP/ReST discussions, and (happily for us), he really knows this area like the back of his hand. He’s an self-acknowledged ReST partisan, being the author of the much-cited S Stands for Simple.

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