Microsoft and Sony Ericsson join CalConnect


The news that both Microsoft and Sony Ericsson have joined the CalConnect calendaring consortium is good news indeed!

During the past couple of years of work on interoperable calendaring has been making headway within CalConnect, Microsoft has been the elephant in the room – Exchange and Outlook have huge market share and any meaningful attempt at calendaring interoperability has to claim some level of working with Microsoft’s products. So having the folks from Redmond in the room with the rest of the CalConnect membership will be a welcome addition to the discussions.

The Sony Ericsson membership is meaningful as calendaring on mobile devices continues to become more important. Sony Ericsson joins Symbian in the consortium as major voices of the mobile industry.

I’ll be attending the CalConnect Roundtable at MIT next month, along with a workshop CalConnect is sponsoring on the vCard standard and interoperable address book/ contact management.

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