CSG Winter 2013 – Mobile Web Frameworks pt. 1

Mobile Web Frameworks

Educause’s ACTI Mobile Web Frameworks working group – Serge Goldstein (Princeton)
– Publishing a guide

ACTI MWF mission – to promote strategic mobile cooperation across higehr ed institutions.

Goals – develop a strategic mobile framework guide & evaluation method; share strategies to mobile-enable an institution; monitor evolution of mobile technologies.

Guide will be available Jan 17 on the Educause web site.

Why? Huge explosion in use of smart mobile devices. We have to respond.

One size does not fit all. No such thing as the right general strategy for all campuses, nor one framework that is right for all.

The first step is to define your institution’s goals and needs. The wrong way to start is with “we need an app”.

Dollars + hope does not equal a strong mobile strategy.

Focus on audience needs. Internal, external, or both?

Engage stakeholders.

Build momentum.

You have to worry about governance – who makes decisions about what will be included? This is often left to the IT organization because nobody else wants to do it.

Manage the mobility timelines.

All this leads to the mobile strategic plan.

Data planning – separate application code from data; identify the definitive data sources and their owners; make data owners comfortable with making their data available.

Princeton built xml data feeds to feed their mobile app, and then made those feeds publicly available.

Importance of Data Feeds – Data must be consistent (reliabile data dictionaries, agreement on what is a university building, person, org, dept); Data must be interoperable – how are buildings named? How many different names does a building have?

Define your IT capacity & resources – Guide has a nice chart laying out various approaches and frameworks. Based on dichotomy – people with funding, people with IT staff; external audience – internal audience.

Guide includes a worksheet for evaluating your needs and suggesting frameworks.

Princeton is making its web feed registry code available as open source.


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