CSG Spring 2015: Internet of Things

Opportunities: Better services; find new cost efficiencies (e.g. trash cans that let people know when they need emptying); Improved sustainability; Safety

Challenges: Network; Security; Privacy; Support

Networks: Apple watch doesn’t support WPA2 and is not a good 802.1x supplicant. Inexpensive data acquisition devices – $5 wifi module. They’ll all connect to our network address space. This may be a driver to get serious about IPv6. BYOD is the stepping stone to the Internet of Things. Devices talking to each other – “Your refrigerator is talking to my car!”. Do you need directly addressable IP addresses, or can we keep NATing forever? UCSD starting to roll out carrier-grade NAT on their wireless with “sticky” addresses for a few hours. Will we need to have “eduthing” like we have eduperson? Many of the things won’t use WiFi because the power consumption is too large. There are other emerging (conflicting) protocols.

Students will be doing data acquisition and wanting to do data analysis – we should be providing tools for managing and analyzing data.

90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years. The concept of digital exhaust – have to analyze data as it flows, looking for trends and patterns, not saving it.

What can we do with this data? Could see, for instance, when everyone is fleeing a building. If we’re collecting sensor data and correlating it to other data, do we need to involve the IRB?

Who is the data custodian of the trash can data? How do we think about data governance for this kind of data? It’s not about the source of the data, but the attributes. There are regulatory and compliance concerns. Merging of data changes the concerns.


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