Dev Days – Scott Hanselman on MVC

Scott Hanselman – ASP.NET MVC

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

ASP.NET MVC does not dictate which database is used for Models, so new projects open with an empty Models folder.

URL structure is a user interface. ASP.NET MVC sets up predictable urls by default – a structured convention.

MVC built on top of web forms ASP.NET > MVC > Web Forms. MVC programmers can use all the existing stuff, but there’s like a new vehicle – webforms is like a minivan, but MVC is like a motorcycle – you could kill yourself, but you can go a lot faster.

Pluggable view engines.

Shows haml – which uses indentation and significant white space to make code cleaner.

Now shipping jquery in ASP.NET and MVC – MS contributing to the open source project.

By default C# code is compiled but views are not.


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